Our story

The story of Christophorus Waldorf School began when a small group of parents and teachers gathered with a common goal to provide holistic education for the children in our communities. Together we dreamt up a school where children could thrive and develop into well-rounded, critically thinking adults driven to contribute to their communities. The founding parents and teachers planted some seeds with great faith that they would sprout. We opened our doors to our first class in September 2016 in Budapest’s 17th district. Since then, we have grown by one class per year, which also meant adding another committed teacher to our school each year. The school community is growing and thriving, our children are developing and learning, and the demand for Waldorf education in Hungary continues to grow. The dedication and commitment of the parents, teachers, and many others who supported our school inspire great promise for the future of our community.



What is Waldorf?

The Waldorf approach to education is truly child-centered. It recognizes and respects
the uniqueness of all children and places great emphasis on the development of artistic and social skills in addition to the transfer of material knowledge. A Waldorf school is often referred to as the school of
the heart, hand, and head. It is the school of the heart because it attaches great importance to the artistic expression of emotions. It is also a school of the hand, as it does not neglect the development of manual skills. It is the school of the head, as children learn what is expected from a traditional curriculum, but they also develop the ability to observe and think independently. All of this is taught through playful activities that build on the natural interest of children making learning seamless and joyful.


Our future

As our school and our children grow, we are outgrowing our current building. After years of research and preparation, we have identified an ideal building that secures our school’s future. It gives us plenty of opportunity to grow, as it can accommodate our school even when we expand to a kindergarten through high school, including an expansive outdoor space. It provides security, as we would be able to rent out the space and utilize those revenues to cover our expanding operating costs. It is located in an area where we expect high demand for alternative education.
The seeds planted when our school began three years ago are blossoming and now the time has come to put down roots that can sustain us year after year. This facility represents a new era for Christophorus Waldorf School. We have a dedicated group of parents and teachers who are ready for the next challenge, but to get there, we need your help.


How you can help?

For future years, we have a sustainable financial plan where the school can operate based on the on-going support of parents, the state, and revenues from the building. However, to achieve this long term stability, we need your assistance now!
The price of the building is $1,462,000 (1 304 000 EUR), but to secure this building and fund our first year, we need to raise $250,000 (220 000 EUR). This will enable Christophorus Waldorf School to put down strong roots and enable us to educate the future generation in Hungary.
We are asking you to invest in our school’s future and the education of the next generation in Hungary. No donation is too small or too big.
All donations go to the foundation that exclusively supports the school and will be used exclusively to finance the new school building.


IBAN: HU92 1040 1945 5052 6790 8985 1005

Please feel free to get in touch with us with any questions or ideas!

Thank you for your support!


They already supported us, thank you!